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FAQs can help you in clearing doubts

Following are some FAQs about our company for clearing your concerns:

  • How can I trust your company and its service?

    Since a very long time we are offering our services and we have earned a prominent name in the online writing industry. Our customer satisfaction rate is very high and that is why we have right to be trusted. Our high quality is reason for customer retention.

  • What are your working hours and how can I contact you?

    We are available 24/7 so you can contact any time with us. Via e-mail, chat and direct calls you can contact us.

  • Who are the writers? Can I directly contact them?

    Our writers are professionals who hold degrees in specific disciplines. They have great expertise through which they write a masterpiece. For sure you can contact them directly as we personally believe that direct contact develops better understanding.

  • If writers don’t meet my deadline then can I get my money back?

    Well first of all we have great writers who pay special attention to the instructions given by our client so there is no chance of mistake and irresponsibility. But in case it happens then of course you can get your money back.

  • Do you provide unique and plagiarism free content?

    Certainly we provide premium quality work which is indeed free from plagiarism. Our quality assurance team first scrutinizes the assignments after they pass it then we send it to our clients.

  • Can I assign my new work to the preceding writer?

    Yes you can but you have to inform us on prior notice so that we can make it possible for you. We quickly transfer your request so it takes no time.

  • What is the payment method? And is it secure?

    You can send us payment via 2chekout and BlueSnap and yes it is very secure and safe. There is no chance of any fraudulent activity.

  • Will you keep my personal information confidential?

    Confidentiality is the part of our business values so once you trust us we always keep your information with us and never unveil it. If you want to know further details you can contact our customer care departments which will guide you in the most appropriate way.